Blink! A Photographic Affair
Onetrickpony was delighted to produce Blink! A Photographic Affair for the City of Stirling. The one night only pop-up event was designed to update the existing photo awards exhibition into a more interactive community event. The grounds were filled with large scale photo projections, a photo wall of more than 1500 images, portrait booths, photo workshops, zine stalls, instagram hunts, food trucks and tunes.

Captured by Peacock Visuals checkout the video of the night!


Constellations Festival
The Onetrickpony Skilltester was debuted at the Constellations Festival. Designed in a custardy palette and with hand painted type it's now residing at Studio Bomba for the month of September. Play on playa! Test your skills and win some fancy jewels by Helena Bogucki and myself.

Studio Bomba 324 Oxford Street Leederville.


Windows of the City
As part of the Windows of the City project 50 retailers displayed window designs based on the theme of spring. I was invited to create a window for the ROC Candy store,
'Stay Excellent' is a custom built typography piece filled with a spring inspired palette of ROC Candy. I wanted to create something that blended the energy of a new season with the atmosphere of the store. Stay Excellent!


NRM Seating Project
In 2011 the NRM project was launched by New York design consultancy Click Boom Pow, with an installation of pieces in NYC. In 2012 the project was brought to Perth by the City of Vincent and I was lucky to have the opportunity to curate 2 suites of chairs.

NRM #1 showcases the work of Sean Morris, Martin Wills, Anya Brock, Chris Nixon and Deathbot.
NRM #2 showcases the work of Martin Wills and Chris Nixon.

The pieces were designed based on the exquisite corpse concept with each series started by the first designer utilising any theme and then each subsequent pieces was designed in response, carrying one element - be it pattern, image or colour, onto the next.


The Qallery
Onetrickpony have teamed up with the wonderful Mr Jeff Hansen to stage The Qallery. Launched at the 2011 Beaufort Street Festival lookout for more Qallery madness to come!

The Qallery is in essence a new take on an urban gallery. Artists contribute pieces that are linked up to a QR code which is then pasted around the world. Find the code, shoot it and discover The Qallery artworks!


The Clothespeg Project volume 4, Singapore
As the first international showing of the project the exhibition will contain new works alongside a selection of pieces from previous volumes of the series. Jump over here to see how it all turned out!


60 Minute Snapshot
18 Photographers were given a 60 minute window during the Beaufort Street Festival to capture 60 images to a theme of their choosing.

An exhibition followed bringing together a selection of these images showcasing each shooters unique perspective of the festival. 60 Faces, 60 Kisses, Fables, From One Moment to the Next, and What You Might Not Have Seen are just some of the themes shot by Bohdan Warchomij, Victor Hugo, James Wills, Adam Borrello, Emma Bergmeier, Giselle Natassia, Seng Mah, Bel Downie, Johannes Reinhart, Lauren Waye, David & Rhonda Crocker, Shenade Unicomb, Marianne Symons, Matt Bedford, Natalie Blom, Leanne Clements and Rhiannon Newton.

Proudly presented by Onetrickpony in conjunction with the Beaufort Street Festival Arts Committee.


The Locked Cabinet
7 artists were invited to customise a locker inside and out. These lockers were then dotted through Beaufort Street as an installation during the 2010 Beaufort Street Festival.

Festival goers were invited to find one of 500 keys to unlock the hidden artworks inside. Proudly presented by Onetrickpony as a collaborative effort with the Beaufort Street Festival arts committee and locker artists Stormie Mills, Jessie Mitchell, Brooke Bobridge, Creepy, Natasha Muhl, Tangles and Yolanda Stapleton.


WA/CA, a lomographers of perth exhibition
Two lomographers, in different west coast cities, communicate with one another by taking a photograph at the same time of day to illustrate what they are doing or seeing at that moment. Either party could initiate the day/time with the only instruction being to capture an image at the prescribed time. 10 pairs have been selected for display in WA/CA which is proudly presented by Onetrickpony as part of the FotoFreo Fringe Festival.

"Most of the images are taken near my house, this project forced me to shoot on a whim, to try and find interest in what I may have ordinarily overlooked. The nature of the idea meant pre-planning wasn't really an option but to give myself some sense of control I decided to try post-production reworking. In keeping with the lomo spirit I kept it analogue and experimented with negative manipulation...each negative has been subjected to fire, water, earth or good old fashioned fingerprints to produce this end result." Yolanda Stapleton.


Swings & Roundabouts
Brooke Bobridge organised an exhibition at Swings & Roundabouts Winery over the Easter weekend. 10 artists including Amok, Ian Mutch, JSMatthiessen and myself were given a wine barrel lid to customise in whichever way took our fancy.


This Little Piggy
25 porcelain piggy banks have met their fate at the skilled hands of this select group of established and emerging artists. See squid-like squealers, pigs that fly, bacon puns, paisley porcines, horned hams, and many other freaky and fabulous creations alongside the more typical work of each artist.

Curated by Rebecca Murphy This Little Piggy was displayed in China Heights, Sydney.

For my design I decided to have some fun and indulge in something cheesy. I've also pulled out a few of my favourites from the show.
Ben Allen & Dreams of Grandeur Luke Burcher & Emma Kidd Ronnie Karmel & Gloz Tony Curran Yolanda Stapleton Ben Allen<br /> Natalie Perkins<br /> Robbie Karmel Kaitlin Becket Megan Dell


The Clothespeg Project volume 3
Jump across here to checkout the supersized, double edition volume 3!


Brooke Bobridge, Lee Ingram, Sean Morris, Yok & myself each produced a design to be etched into wood, creating a limited edition series of super-duper coaster sized artworks.


Cabin Fever
This winter Pigeonhole have transformed their new artspace into a winter wonderland! Fitted out as a log cabin the space was opened with the show 'Cabin Fever'.

Artists were invited to customise various products from the shop. I was assigned a holga which I designed with the idea of ice, rain and being snow blind. The final result, which I think may lead directly to some form of early onset arthritis, was the 'snow capped holga'. The piece included over 2000 swarovski crystals.


Pick & Mix
Pick&Mix is based around the concept of those snack sized sweet treats. Replace chocolate with art and we're on the same page.

Gav Feilding, Deathbot, Jeff Hansen, Jodee Knowles, Kate Anna Williams, Henry Luong, Martin Wills, Fudge, Sarah Brown & myself each produced a piece for the show. Prints of each design were available, a bag of 3 for $30, or 6 for $50. People could then Pick&Mix their favourite pieces.


Woolstores Projection Project
The 'Fremantle On The Edge' project involved a combination of interior architecture, fashion and graphic installations. I got involved to curate a digital projection on the Woolstores facade showcasing a selection of work from local designers and wallspankers contributors. Below is a selection of pieces from the night.

A list of contributors and the full set of images can be seen here. The projection was presented in conjunction with the lovely team at VJ Zoo.


Love Is My Velocity, Cookbook II
I got to do an illustration for the new LIMV cookbook, my piece was for the snacks and starters title page. I've been drawing a lot of these sleepy eye characters lately, this is the first time I've messed around with building text into the hair, and I was pretty happy with how it worked out.

Was super excited to do a piece for this project. Local musicians and artists are partnered up to produce recipes and corresponding designs for the recipe cards that make up the cookbook.


Super Super Sampler, a lomographers of perth exhibition.
I invited a handful of local lomographers to take part in a show dedicated to the supersampler. Gav Fielding, Nathan Martella, Lloyd Hughes, Russell Winter and Flexhaus each shot a series of 40 images for the show. I had a really clear idea of how I wanted to curate the work in the space and being the second 'lomographers of perth' venture could flex more control of the layout this time around. There were some great images in the line up, including an amazing black and white portrait series from Lloyd Hughes.

Below are the images I shot for the exhibition. I wanted to try and push how the supersampler could be used with colour filters, cross processing, handmade filters and redscale film. The supersampler is one of my favourite lomo cameras, it makes summertime bearable!


Windows on William
This was the second year the Windows on William exhibition ran. I did an installation for the Harry Highpants window.

The installation was based around the print I made for the collectors series. My weakness for lo-fi imagery lead me down this path, I was re-watching Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind and playing around with 3D graphics when I decided to rework my window idea with 2D cardboard cutouts. The crocodiles now live in the swamp that is my car boot.


Relative Magazine
Thanks to the Relative boys for the spotlight on Clothespeg.


The Clothespeg Project Volume 2
Run at LaLa Orange this volume of Clothespeg included work from over 60 designers including Brooke Bobridge, Jodee Knowles, Peter Long, Matt Doust, Kate-Anna Williams and Yok. Jump here for the inside scoop.


FotoLomo, a lomographers of perth exhibition
My first go at running a lomo show involved 19 exhibitors, over 300 prints and the loss of my mind.

FotoLomo ran as part of the 2008 FotoFreo Fringe Festival. Photographers involved were Adam Del Borrello, Chris Onton, Christian Belgau, Emily Shingleton, Jake Weisman, Sarah Brown, Nathan Martella, Katherine McFarlane, Tyron Hug, Natalie Blom, Penny Lane, Cameron Montgomery, Cherie Tucker, Kine Y Berntsen, Natas Porter, Russell Winter, Oyvind Opshaug and Wassim Kanaan.

Below are shots from the opening and a few of my pics from the show.


The Clothespeg Project Volume 1
The first run of the Clothespeg Project included 90 pieces of work from 35 contributors. Curating this project was a lot of fun as there were so many styles of work to factor into the mix. Some of the highlights from volume 1 were pieces by Alexandra Lekias, Joanne Young, Jay Hollywood, Justin Randall, Pippa McManus and Sean Morris.

Take a little wonder over here to get the full Clothespeg story.


Tiny People With Rage
My first solo show was a collection of pieces from the sketch concept 'tiny people with rage'. I signed up for a 1 week run at Palmcourt and used the time to undertake a mini-residency.

Holed up in the space for 7 days I produced 41 pieces, some on canvas and some as sketches. At the end of this week long run I held a small opening to showcase the work created. In one of those everything that can go wrong will kind of situations I'm amazed everything came together in time, particularly in light of the purchase of some not as quick dry as the label made it out to be acrylic paint.


This show was a collection of work from 8 of us who went to uni together who reunited a couple years after graduation to put on an exhibition.

At this point I was doing more corporate work and any design for fun stuff was in the vector vein. I really wanted to move away from that which is how I got to this outcome.

The base of it came from logo style graphics and my fixation with typography. I wanted to get offscreen and to produce something both design based but also with a handmade angle. How matches came into the mix I can't remember. I've been planning a follow up where I'm looking to do a whole room installation. Although recalling how crippled my hands became after individually placing all of these matches it might be a while before I'm brave enough to revisit the idea!


Onetrickpony is part design, part exhibitions, part projects, part hijinks. I run my own work through the label as well as an assortment of this and that. Managing and curating events is becoming a large part of the roster with Clothespeg and Lomographers of Perth taking on a life of their own. This website includes a snapshot of selected bits and pieces - Yolanda



Threesome is a typographic treasure hunt run by The (amazing) Design Kids. Currently on, follow the map and find all 20 pieces to score some prizes!

Our Onetrickpony team included Karina Vilela, Zac Collopy and myself. For our 3 word contribution we offered 'Make a Change', for the month of September all donations added to our piece will be collected and donated to Pakerville Children and Youth Care. Happy hunting!

Letter 'A' by Onetrickpony.


Swings & Roundabouts
For the 2013 Swings & Roundabouts exhibition I wanted to play with the context of the barrel which led to crafting a 'Barrel of Monkeys'.


One Sugar To Go
Raising funds for the Leukaemia Foundation, the One Sugar To Go exhibition invites artists to contribute a piece using coffee cups as the base for the artwork. For my piece I decided to transform the cup into a Jack-O-Lantern complete with mini pumpkin lights. Thanks to Sam and Jessie for putting on a great event, checkout more from OSTG here!


Three Word Advice
3WA is a typographic project run by the lovely Corey and Maegan, in addition to the ongoing web project they setup an installation at the 2012 Beaufort Street Festival. Festival goers were encouraged to add their 3 words of advice to questions posed on the floating doors along the street. I decided to try a little anamorphic signwriting for my piece.


I Hart
In June I contributed a piece to the I Hart exhibition, an awesome charity show run by Michael Prendiville and Dwight O'Neil. The exhibit was a one night only affair showcasing crystal skulls, decks and prints which were sold to raise funds for the Make A Wish Foundation.

For my decks, 'Bored' and 'This is how I roll', I loved the original aqua the bases were so I wanted to sample from that palette and play around with some layering. Thrilled to contribute some pieces to the show, but now also thrilled to possibly never encounter balsa wood again. Pics from the night can be seen here.


Fill The Frame
I was invited to contribute a piece to Pigeonhole's 'Fill The Frame' exhibition. 'Lucky' is a one-off piece leading into a new series I'm working on.


20 participants were invited to respond to 'Red', the final installment in a trio of polaroid exhibitions following on from previous years, 'Blue' and 'Green'. Each shooter was given a pack of film to produce 10 shots in response to the title theme resulting in an array of works from Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and Australia. Organised by Brett Mitchell and David Barr the exhibition was a one-night-only flash exhibit at the Breadbox Gallery.

For my set I roped in a relative and exhausted her lungs tracking her screaming RED!


Swings & Roundabouts
I was invited to take part in this project by Brooke Bobridge in 2010 and was excited to work on it again in 2011. This time around I wanted to work with the surface and keeping in that neutral palette play around with something tactile.


Pigeonhole's annual Lomovember exhibition raises funds for Movember. Inspired by Jan von Hollenben I played with the idea of 3D versus 2D with a little cameo by this amazing photographer included in the set. Shot on PX 600 silver shade film the shoot involved ice, steam and little smoke to manipulate the film while processing.


Feast Your Eyes 2
Organised by Sophie Dunham and Sarah Blangiardo the second volume of the Feast Your Eyes series was held at the Fremantle Arts Centre. Including work from Prez Juan, Dave Mislead, Billie Rogers and 12 others the exhibition was a great night with music, live art and beautiful pictures.

We were all given the theme of recycling to work interpretation was to take old film negatives and mix/match/splice/burn/distort them into new photographs.


An exhibition inspired by all things Summer featuring work by Simon Boxer (curator), Mitchell&Dent, Jessica Singh, Luci Everett, Nick Lowe, Forks Open Doors, Rebeca Anne Lee and myself.

I produced 2 pieces for the show, collectively titled 'Desert Dessert'. I've been doing some laser engraving lately but wanted to push that a bit further by adding some cutting to the mix, these pieces sandwich reversed sections of the wings into the opposing frames to complete the vultures.
Nick Lowe Michell and Dent (Leah Dent) Mitchell and Dent (Angela Mitchell)


Guerilla Laneway exhibition
Organised by photographer Nikki Mauri an impromptu exhibition was held in the vacant Sportslane alleyway in the city. A bunch of artists, photographers, illustrators and whatnot rocked up with their prints ready to contribute to beautifying the walls with some delicious art. Thanks to Jeremy Hall for the clip...


The Clothespeg Project Volume 3
The Clothespeg Project volume 3 is set to launch soon, here's the two pieces I've got happening for the show.


Window, Lick Clothing
Window installation at Lick Clothing, a series of 99 laser etched flies were created for the space. Portraits were taken at the opening with viewers invited to interact with the installation; posing with themselves, their friends, or the deadly fly swat.


The Post-It Show
Another Roadside Attraction Gallery sent out a call for works looking for contributors to a fundraising exhibition. All pieces were to be small scale and revolve around the post-it. I decided to move away from drawing on a post-it and to play with what I could make with one. I fooled around with the idea of wearable art and decided diamond earrings and a little vintage Madonna was the way to go.


Run by the lovely Johann at Pigeonhole. The image I shot for this was a compilation of 4 photos that I coerced my unsuspecting friends into posing for after dinner one night. Fake teeth, fake mustaches and double exposures on my trusty holga.
Opening night pics courtesy of Pigeonhole


Windows On William
This was the original print I drew up for the Windows on William exhibition before changing to something that linked with the window install. After the much hyped new 90210 this is all I had to say.


Art In Bloom
Out of the blue I got a letter inviting me to take part in the 2008 Art In Bloom at the Art Gallery of WA. Very different to what I normally do it was really fun playing around with a medium I wouldn't typically consider. Each artist was assigned a piece in the gallery to design a response to using flowers.


Everybody Draws Skulls
The idea for this show was simple, everybody draws skulls - so this was the brief for contributing designers. Run by the Primecuts08 group each piece was to include a skull and be on a 20cm x 20cm frame.


The Clothespeg Project Volume 2
Been playing around with some new characters, my sleep deprived folk. This piece was a print for clothespeg volume 2.


Tiny People With Rage
Messing around with making some TPWR pins.


Pecha Kucha Perth, volume 2
Dear God. Standing up in front of 300 waiting to be impressed designer types for even 7 short minutes was about 7 more minutes than I would like. So nervous I'm pretty sure I was shaking I got up there and presented a couple of my recent projects, 'Bang' from Reunion and the 'Tiny People With Rage' collection in the Pecha Kucha format (20 slides in 20 seconds). To my great relief it actually ended up going pretty well, slides from my talk are below.


PICA Car Boot Sale
Run by the awesome Katie Lenanton this was the first PICA artists car boot sale. I had a bunch of old tiny people with rage pieces and decided to fit out my sexy toyota with the angry blue folk.

I also made a series of acetate prints for the event which can be bought from shopmoose.


All Things Ten
Sharing a building with architects it was only a matter of time until I joined forces with the dark side. The SONA group held an exhibition of 'all things ten' where contributors were asked to create a piece based on the theme ten. After my reunion piece I did something similar for this show. Which failed very dramatically (scroll'll see it!). Resulting in me creating this extension of the idea.
test 1


Wallspankers caught my eye as I love love love black and white graphics. This is my little cat piece that got into issue 3.


The Salvation Show
It's such a shame I don't have any pics from this night because it was an awesome event. The old Pallas Nightclub was set to be demolished but before that happened it was overtaken as part of the Northbridge Festival. Every available space was covered in graffiti and art. Here's a little print I contributed.


The Copy Show
This was an open submission exhibition at Keith + Lottie.

A photocopier was left in the gallery with contributors invited to use it to make their work. Once done they could add it to the collection on the walls. The Hijacked zine was linked up with the event for their fourth issue, Hijacked: Bigger than hip hop photocopy edition. Selected pieces from the exhibit were included in the zine with a combined opening/zine launch. Stoked to see my copykat graphic got used on the cover!


Play includes some casual projects and work hovering around the idea stage. I'm always looking for people to collaborate with so if you're so inclined mail me to say hello.